piZZa is a plain and simple tool for time sensitive things like your pizza, the next train or presentation stuff.
Start a countdown timer or a stopwatch right from your menubar without hassle.

Use the analog clock to set the end time or use the digital view for classical timer purposes.

New features in v2.0:

  • keyboard shortcut to pause timer or stopwatch
  • dark menu mode support
  • growl notifications are substituted by notification center alerts
  • retina graphics
  • sleep timer function is not included anymore but is available as a stripped-down separate free app

In analog mode you set the time by grabbing the clock hands whereas in digital mode just type in the time. Press Run to start the timer.

Alternatively use these shortcuts:

Use the arrow keys or +/- keys to increment or decrement by 1 minute.
Hold shift and the arrow keys to increment/decrement by 10 minutes.
Press Enter or Return to start the timer, to reuse last time set press r

Use these keyboard shortcuts to start, stop or pause even when the app is in background:

  • Start or stop the timer: Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-t
  • Start or reset the stopwatch: Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-s
  • Pause stopwatch or timer: Ctrl-Alt-Cmd-p